Our Team

Goddess Ghee is a Mama owned & women run small business in the heart of Appalachia. Our team is a family- a sisterhood- a collective. We believe in a business model that highlights our individual gifts, creates space for rest, & inspires self-driven motivation. We know what a difference it makes to feel valued, loved, & respected & we hope the joy of our team makes it into every bite of ghee.

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Marion Hearth

Marion Hearth birthed Goddess Ghee in 2015 after asking herself the question, “What am I already doing/creating that I can make more of to share more gifts with my community?”. Ghee was the obvious answer. Marion had been making ghee each moon cycle since the birth of her first baby just two years earlier and ghee was the one staple in her kitchen that she didn’t let run dry. Marion began slowly, selling at farmer’s markets with a baby wrapped on her and a toddler running around - not imagining that Goddess Ghee would outgrow her in the ways She has. Marion is passionate about being an integral piece of Earth, food as medicine, resilient & sovereign living, primal motherhood, the arts, ritual, magic, and mysticism. Devoted to sharing this medicine and holding a vision of supporting a beautiful and simple way of life, Marion hopes that this medicine nourishes everyone it touches. In 2018 Marion began “weaning her 3 year old (Goddess Ghee)” and invited in the support of sisterhood to help her steward this medicine so that she can spend more time at home with her other creative passions and two wild cubs, Banyan and Maple.


Kearsley Schweller

Kearsley “Mama Bear” Schweller is a passionate pillar of our Goddess Ghee team. Driven to educate & empower others to reclaim their healing journeys, Kearsley’s interests in Food Medicine, Herbalism, & creative expression weave into both her personal life & the collective of Goddess Ghee. Her work is inspired by the cyclical rhythms of Nature & the belief that everyone carries the power to heal themselves through lifestyles that mirror inside what cycles around us. She is trained in the Healing Arts of Women’s Herbalism, Ayurvedic Medicine, Folk Medicine, & Nutrition. You can find her outside wild foraging for food, ecstatically dancing, swimming in streams- or-if you really need to find her, check the kitchen first!


Madisun Samuels

You can find Madisun touching plants, taking long walks with her pup, or experimenting in the kitchen. She helps craft the delicious, sacred ghee at Goddess Ghee. Madisun loves taking time to give each batch of ghee as much attention and tastiness as possible. She is drawn towards connecting the human experience with consciousness for the earth, and believes that whole foods are a powerful tool for sustainable and connected existence. Ghee has been a powerful healing tool for her, and she hopes to be able to extend food medicine to the world. 


Jessica Marie Brown

Jessica moves and works behind the scenes as our Office and Wholesale Goddess. She imbues her love of the Spirit of Nature into her work. She is an Herbalist as well as a Reiki and Stone Medicine Practitioner. You will find her sitting and pouring tea in the forest and connecting to the natural world in all of its magic.