: WILD RAMP : GHEE (seasonal + limited quantities)

: WILD RAMP : GHEE (seasonal + limited quantities)

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Ghee infused with fresh, sustainably, and respectfully harvested wild and tender green ramp leaves + a little Celtic sea salt 

What are ramps?

“Ramps are a wild allium related to garlic, onions, and shallots, and themselves are considered a wild leek. Their flavor is similar to other alliums but is unique and pungent.

Ramps are a slow growing perennial vegetable that take more than 7 years to fully mature. We use only late season leaves, ensuring a respectful harvest by only robbing the plant of the final few days of photosynthesis before it goes dormant. Plants are still able to flower the same year that the greens are removed.” - Brad from Zero Acres Farm, our local & sustainable forager.

Ramps season is a short window of delicious growth & because we prioritize harvesting methods that preserve & promote the flourishing of these highly sought after wild alliums, our inventory is small & limited. Once we are sold out, that’ll be it until next year!


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