8oz Masala Chai Ghee

Ceremonially crafted by hands in small batches with our always grass-fed luscious golden ghee + truly raw Appalachian honey + Spicewalla’s Masala Chai Blend featuring: ginger, cinnamon, green cardamom, black pepper, clove, & allspice.

This collaborative blend features the aromatic Masala Chai spice blend from our local Asheville-based spice company Spicewalla. They have an unmatched level of quality to the sourcing and care of spices and is always fresh, small batch, packed and processed by hand.

This Masala Chai spiced ghee is perfect straight from the jar, on a spoon (or finger) & is also delectable in many recipes:

~ Try adding 1-2 tbs Masala Chai Ghee + 10oz hot chai tea/black tea/ coffee & blending on high for 1 minute for an extra creamy chai beverage

~ Add 1-2 tbs to hot cereals, oatmeals, smoothies, cakes, & baked goods. Makes a perfect substitution for other oils for baking, especially Masala Chai Banana Bread & all sorts of cookies!

~ Masala Chai Ghee makes a yummy & simple cake icing! Gently warm for easier spreading & layer on to cakes, brownies, & between cookies.

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