Live Webinar // Crafting Culinary + Herbal GHEE w/ Marion Hearth

Live Webinar // Crafting Culinary + Herbal GHEE w/ Marion Hearth


// A Seasonal Offering //

FALL 2019 SESSION : FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 1ST at 2:00 PM EST (11 AM Pacific)

Ghee is a pure golden oil rendered from butter that’s been used as a kitchen staple in preparing meals + an herbal medicine carrier since ancient times. In this workshop you’ll join Marion Hearth, founder of Goddess Ghee, as she teaches the art and craft of making perfect ghee while inviting you into the ritual of preparing food as medicine. You’ll also learn how to add and infuse herbal medicines and superfoods into ghee (and why you want to!) so that you can craft your own blends at home. 

This will be a 2 hour Live Online Webinar and will cover: 

  • A hands on tutorial of how to make the best ghee.

  • How to choose your butter source

  • All about ghee and the benefits of adding ghee to your diet

  • Myths and Facts about ghee

  • How to cook and prepare meals with ghee

  • How to add and infuse herbs & superfoods to ghee

  • Why ghee is an excellent carrier for herbal medicine

  • Inspiration to nourish yourself deeply

  • Inspiration to create/make/craft with intention and prayer

  • Q&A : Live questions & answers

  • A PDF file of the Outline and Notes from the class

Everyone will receive a recording of the class, so even if you can’t make it live you will still receive the teachings in a video you can keep and refer back to.

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