Our CACAO RITUAL Ghee is a decadent swirl of golden ghee, sustainably harvested raw cacao powder, raw Appalachian honey, Ceylon cinnamon, hints of vanilla bean, a pinch of cayenne pepper, & a touch of Celtic Sea salt. Together they make a satisfying spoonful that delivers all the chocolaty flavor that you crave in a well balanced blend.

Enjoying chocolate with a fat like ghee helps the body make use of all the sweet magnesium rich goodness while slowing the release of sugar into the bloodstream- which has been known to help balance hormones, blood sugar, & energy roller coasters. Reach for a spoon (or finger full) of the CACAO RITUAL Ghee trusting that you are choosing a healthier way to indulge AND reaping health benefits along the way.

We have LOVED to use the CACAO RITUAL ghee in an array of recipes, including:

- Melted gently (not heated) to dip bananas in, then roll in seeds/nuts, & freeze! Hello dessert!

- Blended with warmed milk, hot water, herbal tea or coffee

- Substitute 1:1 in for butter/oil for baked goods

- Slather it on for a guilt-free delicious icing to any cake

- Eat from your finger, whichever one needs it most!

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