:: Autumn Seasonal Guidebook ::

:: Autumn Seasonal Guidebook ::



A seasonally inspired guidebook that brings the many gifts of Autumn into your heart & hearth, a guidebook to live in harmony with the seasons & promote wellness on all levels.

This 45 page PDF download will be sent to your email upon purchase & includes:

~ Ayurveda wisdom for Autumn

~ Recipes that can be adapted for all diets

~ digestive health, circulation, & all things autumn wellness

~ Rituals, routines, & projects for home

~ Poems, handmade art

~ Astrology reports

& more!

A 45 pg PDF download sent directly to your inbox after purchase.

Woven with love by the Ghee Goddesses, this guide serves as a building block for seasonal living. We created this guide to inspire your deepened connection to the kitchen, overall-wellness, & the rhythmic cycles of nature.

May you find what nourishes you.

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