Some of you have asked: "How did you end up starting a ghee company?"

The story of Goddess Ghee is one of struggle and triumphs. When I named it Goddess Ghee I didn't realize that I was embarking on a true journey of the Goddess rising up (with other women) to reclaim our passions, health, and sovereignty. 

A graphic a friend made for me when I was pregnant with my first child. 

A graphic a friend made for me when I was pregnant with my first child. 

Goddess Ghee started very humbly ~ without a lofty business plan or even dreams to sell ghee beyond my small community. I first learned about ghee in late 2012 from a dear friend after birthing my first child. I quickly fell in love with how deeply it nourished me, how delicious it tastes, and how easy it was to incorporate into my diet.

A year later, and many jars of homemade ghee consumed, I was living in a broken down schoolbus, separated from the papa of my cubs, and caring for a 1 year old while preparing to birth my second baby in a tipi (yes, you read that correctly). I was in pretty desperate need of a way to provide for my little family. A friend who saw me in my time of struggle suggested I sell my homemade ghee at our local corner store. When I approached them about doing so I got overwhelmed by all of the steps involved, such as working in a certified kitchen and making an up-to-code label. I had enough on my plate making babies and all, so it wasn't the time for me to invest energy in such an endeavor. 

Fast forward to the following year: I got back together with my cubs' papa, struggling to make it work, and we are living in an ordinary house. Life feels easier and my oldest is 2 years old and my baby is 6 months old. I was still breastfeeding both of them and was heavily relying on a diet high in fat to keep me going. Homemade ghee had become a staple in my kitchen that I never ran out of, ritually making it every moon cycle for my growing family. 

My relationship with my partner was unhealthy for me, but I had become financially dependent on him during those childbearing years and I didn't have the resources to provide for my children AND be able to be home with them like I wanted to be. I needed to generate my own income source so that I could feel free to choose (or not choose) my partner without our basic survival needs being a factor.

Ghee cooling on the shelf in my home, when things were just getting started.

Ghee cooling on the shelf in my home, when things were just getting started.

I asked myself, "What am I already doing/creating for my family that I can do/create more of to share with my community?" Ghee was the obvious answer. When the business formed my intention was simply to "make a little extra". My first sale was to a friend who regularly purchased ghee from a store and was excited to support me. Along the way I took very small steps, building the business at a slow pace because my primary job was caring for my youngins'. I did everything with a baby sleeping on me in a sling/wrap in the beginning. Making calls, designing a logo, and even making ghee! I got our home kitchen certified so that I didn't have to travel away from home for work. Two months in I started selling at our local farmer's markets. I quickly realized it was far fetched to try to interact with customers while tending to two children under 2 years old... but I didn't want to give up. 

This is where things got a little sticky. I asked my partner to help me with my business because it wasn't realistic for me to do it alone while my two young children were still so dependent on me and there wasn't enough money to hire someone. I remember writing in my journal in the very beginning that I wished for Goddess Ghee to be run by women. I envisioned myself working with other women, not alone. I never imagined it would be run with my partner, but it quickly turned into a "mom & pop" business because I was still limited on resources. I had a lot of resistance to him working with me. It was very challenging to work together amidst our already unhealthy relationship dynamics. Eventually he sort of "took over" my business. I stopped being involved in most aspects of the business, not because I didn't feel passionate about it, but because it was easier (less conflict) for me to be home with the kids than to fight against him. I don't regret the time that he was involved in Goddess Ghee. He is a very innovative and dedicated person and Goddess Ghee benefited from his skills. He gave a lot of time and energy to the business. For that I will always be grateful. 

Mom & Pop and babies in the first year. 

Mom & Pop and babies in the first year. 

Shortly after my second baby weaned I was ready to reclaim Goddess Ghee back to it's original dream which was : to support me in getting free from an unhealthy relationship and to work alongside other women to grow a business that I felt truly passionate about. In late 2016 my partner and I separated and I reclaimed Goddess Ghee back to myself. It was a scary transition, and I didn't know if I could do it without him. But I finally had the emotional space and a new co-parenting schedule that allowed me to give myself fully to Goddess Ghee for the first time. 

Thankfully during those first two years I had a lot of support along the way from friends in my community who were happy to work for Goddess Ghee. So many of our friends have worked in the kitchen. Also, the local community was so excited about Goddess Ghee and the various ghee flavors we were creating. Business grew quickly with high demands. Within 6 months of starting Goddess Ghee in my certified home kitchen a newly built commercial kitchen became available for rent, just 10 minutes from our home (in the country). This was a huge blessing and still is. In 2017, after 2.5 years of focusing on local sales, I decided to widen our support network by expanding our online sales. 


Over the past year, our 4th year of business, I have hired two amazing women to join me in this endeavor. Devi and Kearsley have brought so much passion, creativity, and enthusiasm to our project. With their help, I have been able to focus on creating new flavors, collaborating with other businesses, and expanding our market.

I find myself dreaming bigger dreams these days and imagining many more people being nourished by the food medicine at the heart of this project. I also imagine more women in our community being woven into this beautiful little supportive family we have created. It feels rewarding to be offering something to the world that I truly love (I don't imagine any of my customers eat more ghee than I do!). And it's even better that it is adored and appreciated by those who receive it. :-) 

Thank you for reading this unfolding story. Thank you for supporting yourself when you delight in Goddess Ghee. And thank you for supporting those of us who are crafting this medicine. My dream for the future is that we will grow a business that enriches the lives of the women in my community by offering inspiring work and abundant resources. If you'd like to support this dream, please visit our online shop and get yourself something yummy and nourishing. <3 

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From my hearth to yours,

Marion Hearth, 

Founder of Goddess Ghee