Our butter source is Banner Butter, a source regional to us. Banner butter churns local grass fed cultured butter in Atlanta, GA. 

From Banner Butter's Website:

"Who are we? We're not them. While industrial scale butters are made with unripened cream and added "natural" flavoring, Banner Butter, a small-batch butter, is made with patiently-cultured cream from hormone-free, grass-fed cows with no added flavoring. We go big, but only in taste. Everything else is small, simple and slow."

What makes banner butter different?

“We’re different in several ways. First, the cream. It’s fresh. Like, really fresh. That’s because it comes from Georgia cows, local to us. Second, it’s grass-fed. Our cows graze in green pastures and are not treated with hormones. Third, the butterfat. We make butter that is has a higher proportion of butterfat other butters. Fourth, the method. Before churning, we let the cream ripen for many, many hours. This ripening process allows good bacteria to form. It is this good bacteria that gives butter its complex buttery undertones. Next, after the cream ripens, we slowly churn it in small batches. This process results in a better tasting product because we are able to make small adjustments throughout churning, depending on the season, the consistency, and the taste of the cream. In the end, it takes us 20 times longer to make our butter than industrial scale butters.”

What is cultured butter?

“The vast majority of butter sold in America is sweet cream butter. That means that, after the cream is pasteurized, it is immediately churned. That also means that it has very little taste. So, to give it flavor, many butter manufacturers add “natural flavoring,” or “lactic acid.” Butter churned from sweet cream lacks the flavors that can only come from a long-ripening process where a special mixture of bacteria is added to the cream and held at precisely the right temperature, for precisely the right amount of time. This good bacteria is one of the things that makes our butter taste so good. Let’s reclaim the way butter should be, shall we?”

Can you tell me about how the cows are treated?

We use cream from local cows that graze in green pastures on small farms.  Free-ranging cows tend to live longer, healthier lives and produce wonderfully flavorful cream.  Our dairy farms also never dose their cows with hormones to increase milk production; a practice that can cause health problems in cows and humans alike.

Are your butters organic?

No, they are not. Some of our small dairy farmers often choose not to seek organic certification for cost or resource reasons. But they have pledged to avoid unsustainable farming practices and unnecessary use of pesticides.

Why should I care that Banner Butter is made from grass-fed cow’s cream?

A healthy share of grass in the cows’ diet not only pleases their taste buds, it increases conjugated linoleic acids, vitamin E, beta-carotene, and omega-3 fatty acids in the milk they produce, thereby benefitting the oh-so-lucky consumer.

I’m trying to be healthy. And everyone knows that butter is bad for you.

What do Time Magazine, Mark Bittman, and The Wall Street Journal all have in common? They’ve each recently recognized that we’ve been duped. Duped into thinking that fat – and butter – are the enemy. And being duped hurts. In so many ways. Check out what they say – http://time.com/2863227/ending-the-war-on-fat/ and http://www.wsj.com/articles/butter-makes-comeback-as-margarine-loses-favor-1403745263 — so that we can set the record straight.

For more info on Banner Butter, visit http://bannerbutter.com/faqs/