SHATAVARI Ghee // old label

SHATAVARI Ghee // old label



A divine & delectable blend of grass fed ghee + shatavari + cardamom + vanilla & sprinkled with rose that helps support hormonal health & a connection to the feminine.

What is Shatavari?

Shatavari is an adaptogenic Ayurvedic women’s herb from India. It is in the asparagus family (asparagus racemosus) and has been long revered as a nourishing tonic for women of all ages & stages of life, including pre-teen & well into the wise women years. Said to promote uterine tone, blood flow, breast milk production, hormonal & libido health, this adaptogen- or herb that helps the body adapt- is traditionally taken regularly & often with ghee! We love mixing this ancient medicine with cardamom, vanilla, & rose to bring you a tonic you’ll love to take.

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