GINGERBREAD HONEY Ghee // old label

GINGERBREAD HONEY Ghee // old label



A warming blend of ghee + raw honey + all organic spices including ceylon cinnamon + ginger + cardamom + nutmeg + cloves + star anise. This delicious seasonal special tastes just like gingerbread cookies - all the warmth of cinnamon, spice, & everything nice blended in with raw honey. Perfect to add to holiday pies, cookies, squash, teas, hot chocolates, breads, oatmeals, & so much more! Delicious & medicinal, this blend promotes circulation, digestion, blood sugar balance, & cozy feelings by the spoonful.

Our favorite recipes:

- Add 1-2 spoonfuls into any tea/coffee/cocoa for a creamy cup of yum- try black tea or chai!

- Add 1-2 spoonfuls into cooked oatmeal or kasha (buckwheat)

- use as 1:1 substitute for butter/oil in all baking recipes --perfect for Gingerbread cookies & pumpkin bread

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