ASHWAGANDHA Ghee // old label

ASHWAGANDHA Ghee // old label



Blended with Ghee + Ashwagandha Root Powder + Lavender Powder + Vanilla Bean

ASHWAGANDHA, prized for its ability to reduce stress + LAVENDER, known for its calming ways + VANILLA BEAN, for comforting and also for balancing the nervous system —- this trio makes for a soothing lullaby to those needing respite from the demands of modern life, a gentle hug for those who go-go-go and never seem to get enough rest & rejuvenation (sound familiar?)  Formulated for a calm mind and deeper slumber, the best part about this blend is it doesn’t actually make you tired, but rather helps you relax so you can live peacefully & sleep soundly.

Deep breaths, long exhales, your cup is full (and so is your spoon)

Recipes to try:

-Blend with your favorite night time tea ( try chamomile/mint or lavender tea for a lavender latte lavender) or hot chocolate to make a calming cup cocoa

- Add to baked goods, especially anything with chocolate, into hot breakfast cereals, or straight onto breads, bagels, or grains- a drizzle of honey on top is delicious here!

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