Ixcacao Mayan Goddess of Cacao, Fertility, & Prospertity.

Ixcacao Mayan Goddess of Cacao, Fertility, & Prospertity.

CACAO RITUAL GHEE is a decadent swirl of our always grass-fed liquid gold ghee, + sustainably harvested raw cacao powder, raw Appalachian honey, Ceylon cinnamon, hints of vanilla bean, a pinch of cayenne pepper, & a touch of Celtic Sea salt. Together they make a satisfying spoonful of cacao rich medicine, flavor, & health benefits. We don’t simply make a “chocolate flavored ghee,” we intentionally craft a wholesome blend of raw ingredients that reflect our belief in taking in food medicine for healing.

We believe cacao is medicine. We believe grass-fed ghee is medicine. We believe honey should be kept raw when possible to preserve the enzymes. And we believe in honoring the traditions & peoples who brought this delicious magic deep into the heart of the world.

We know how sacred each of the ingredients are & we want to share with you why we love them so much.

Photo of Ghee Goddess Kearsley whisking a Cacao Blend in our Kitchen. Photo by Halle Hirsch-Martin

Photo of Ghee Goddess Kearsley whisking a Cacao Blend in our Kitchen. Photo by Halle Hirsch-Martin

Organically sourced & received in whole hearted gratitude, we blend together grass-fed & cultured regionally sourced ghee made from happy pasture raised cows + the benefits of:

Raw Cacao: Heart opener. Decadent reminder of love. Cacao is a ceremonially honored & internationally beloved medicine that tastes as good as it nourishes. When kept in its raw state, un-roasted & unprocessed, cacao maintains a high amount of antioxidants, magnesium, iron, tryptophan that converts to feel-good serotonin, & much more. Studies show raw cacao is a vasodilator- meaning it relaxes & allows for open flow of blood to & from your heart & throughout your entire body. Physically and energetically cacao works to open the heart, promote rest & balanced energy, & deepen our sense of love. Forever holding the Mesoamerican confluence of cultures who brought this medicine to the world.

Raw Honey: Just like cacao, the benefits of honey bee medicine is best kept raw. Used across the world as a healing medicine internally & externally, golden raw honey can support lower inflammation. Known as an antibacterial that can disinfect wounds, reduce flared allergies, promote healthy gut flora, & support a balanced immune system, honey is a superfood. We cherish the hard work of honeybees & add flowers onto our honey blends to honor these pollinators’ gifts to the world.

Ceylon Cinnamon: We chose Ceylon cinnamon from Sri Lanka both because of the flavor & the benefits. More subtle & spicy than common baking cassia ( the kind of “cinnamon” sold in stores that most of us are familiar with) Ceylon cinnamon doesn’t have all the aromatic oils that make common cassia smell great but also can disturb the liver over a long period of use. Ceylon cinnamon has been reputed to balance blood sugar levels, making it a great ingredient to add to our honey blends to promote stable energy, blood sugar, & hormone health.

Cayenne Pepper: In honor of the Central /Mesoamerican sacred traditions of cacao, especially inspired by the Mayan cultures of Mexico whose iconic spice blending is still perfect today, we’ve chosen to add a pinch of cayenne. We add cayenne as a pinch of fire that helps distribute the medicine throughout the body but also to bring reverence for the cultures & peoples who carried this medicine for generations. In an era of great cross-cultural sharing, we feel a vital responsibility to honor those who hold these traditions as close as they hold family.

Vanilla Bean: Sweet, inviting, & dreamlike- we feel vanilla speaks on its own for the way it brings together our other ingredients. Bless you Vanilla & all who continue to cultivate this rare & special plant.

Celtic Sea Salt: Just a pinch of mineral salt to enhance the flavor & create a balanced bite in every spoonful.

Enjoying the sweet blend of cacao, honey & spices with a fat like ghee helps the body make use of all the medicine rich goodness while slowing the release of sugar into the bloodstream, so you can confidently open your jar of CACAO RITUAL Ghee trusting that you are choosing a healthier way to indulge AND reaping health benefits along the way.

We have LOVED to use the CACAO RITUAL ghee in an array of recipes, including:

- Melted gently (not heated) to dip bananas in, then roll in seeds/nuts, & freeze! Hello dessert!

Sipping Cacao: Hot Water + 1-2 TBS Cacao Ritual Blended On High For 2 MInutes

Sipping Cacao: Hot Water + 1-2 TBS Cacao Ritual Blended On High For 2 MInutes

- Blended with warmed milk, hot water, herbal tea or coffee. Add a pinch of cinnamon & cayenne pepper at the end for extra yum.

- Substitute 1:1 in for butter/oil for baked goods like brownies, cookies, & pie crusts.

- Slather it on for a guilt-free delicious icing to any cake. 1 jar makes icing for 1 medium cake or 12-20 cupcakes.

- Eat from your finger, whichever one needs it most!

As chocolate lovers & mindful cacao consumers, we hope you feel the love & prayer stirred into each spoonful of our Cacao Ritual Ghee. Try for yourself & let us know what you think & feel.



Written by Ghee Goddess Kearsley Tate

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