Watercolor by Goddess Ghee’s very own Jessica Marie Brown

Watercolor by Goddess Ghee’s very own Jessica Marie Brown

WELL ADAPTED GHEE is the daily tonic of adaptogenic herbs & spices that nourishes your body with balance.

We live in the modern era where being the “Busy Bee” is just part of the norm.

Many of us live & work by the clock. Our plates are full & we squeeze out as much productivity as we can. While we might not always feel pushed-to-our-edged kind of stressed ( and sometimes we rightfully do!) our bodies still feel the “go-go-go” mentality & send out stress responses to help us get through the day. Those little things add up- from rushing out the door to make it on time somewhere, eating lunch later than planned, to worrying about bills, our bodies evolve to perceive & react to all kinds of stress.

Now this is an advantage to us in sparing moments of crisis, but it’s not so helpful when our nervous system is on fight or flight 12/24 hours a day. Our bodies stress responses don’t measurably differ that much from when we were running away from predators thousands of years ago to the modern stressors of running late to work. We might not think we’re in crisis mode because we’ve normalized this kind of stress, but our bodies still sense it & fire off stress hormones.

When we live on the edge like that as a daily part of life, our hormonal/endocrine/nervous system rhythms can get easily thrown off & become taxing for the body. A classic example of hormonal stress impact is cortisol. In balance, cortisol is a necessary part of healthy metabolism, blood pressure, & inflammation reduction along with many other vital bodily processes. It is sometimes referred to as the stress or “aging” hormone because many struggle with a frequent release of cortisol that is associated with the early onset of certain diseases. In our busy days, we tend to ignore that small & continual stressors add up and our bodies need deep relief.

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Well Adapted Ghee was birthed from this need for support. Something to help our bodies adapt to these stressors with more ease & less impact on our health.

We believe stress is a necessary part of life AND we believe in supporting our body’s ability to stay centered as often as possible. We want to mostly live in our parasympathetic nervous system as often as we can, the state of “rest & digest” where our bodies can take care of healing, building, & strengthening. It might not be possible to eliminate stressors out of your daily life completely but we do have control over some choices.

Lifestyle adjustments can look different for everyone- but one thing we all have in common? We eat. Most often a few times a day. Our meal times offer us daily opportunities to choose balance, especially since we don’t always remember to meditate or have time to go on that long walk. This is why we’ve created an adaptogenic herbal blend. A spoonful a day on bread, in smoothies, teas, & baked into anything else you’re creating will help get some supportive energy into your body in a delectable & simple way. As with many of our blends, these adaptogenic herbs are fat soluble meaning the fat of ghee helps carry the medicinal qualities deeper into the tissues of the body, maximizing the benefits & letting you focus on other things- like taking a bath.

Our Well Adapted blend features some pretty amazing herbs including:

MACA ROOT: Maca is a tuber root from the Andes Mountains in Peru. Eaten as a food medicine in Peru (it is SO delicious!) Maca traditionally helps build & use energy while not being a stimulant. It also helps our stress by reducing cortisol in the body, the stress or aging hormone. Maca’s effect on cortisol helps to support hormonal balance also since stress has such a direct impact on hormonal health. Great for sustaining energy & reducing stress, Maca is a flavorful medicinal we cherish in this blend.

ASHWAGANDHA ROOT: Ashwagandha root is a traditional Ayurvedic Medicine from India. This earthy flavored root is prized for being a nervous system nourisher, helping us return to states of rest & wellness within our bodies. This is a fantastic herb for the modern world, a warm blanket to help you sleep well, stay calm, & exhale into the joy of life.

SHATAVARI ROOT: Another Ayurvedic herb from India, Shatavari root has a long history of use as a daily tonic. Shatavari is part of the asparagus family & is traditionally associated with female fertility, hormonal balance, breastfeeding, & uterine health though it has always been considered safe to eat for all bodies.


The delicious & flavor complimenting spices of CEYLON CINNAMON // GREEN CARDAMOM// & VANILLA BEAN.

This blend was created with intention & used daily by us. Our Goddess Ghee team spoons out Well Adapted as part of our health routine & we can say with assurance - IT WORKS! Baked into goods, slathered onto My New Roots Life Changing Loaf Of Bread whipped into coffee/herbal tea, or baked into granola are some of our favorite ways to work Well Adapted in.

We love our  Grain Free Well-Adapted Cookies  recipe!

Using this blend daily has been transformative for us here at Goddess Ghee & we want to share that feel good living with you. Once you’ve tried it, feel free to send us an email & let us know what you think. Made with all organic adaptogenic herbs & spices as a prayer for balance in the modern world.

::Written by our Ghee Goddess Kearsley Tate::

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