: WILD RAMP GHEE : Spring Abundance


Seasonal + Limited Quantities

We are finally doing something we’ve wanted to do for a long time - offering in-season herbal infused ghee based on what’s growing around us in these Appalachian mountains. 

With Spring bursting forth we are officially in “Ramp Season” which is a short window of roughly 3 weeks to harvest these delicate beauties. Then they’re gone until next Spring!

For those of you who are asking, “what the heck are ramps?” : I too had never heard of a ramp before I came to Asheville, NC 7 years ago from Colorado. Ramps, also known as “wild leeks” grow in wild places across Eastern Canada and the US. They taste like a cross between a leek, garlic, and a green onion - and this holy trinity makes them heavenly. They are a prized delicacy for any foodie and we are lucky to have them growing in our homeland.

Sadly though, ramps have been exploited in many areas as some foragers pull up the plant by its roots, which is devastating because it takes 7 years for a ramp patch to become established. Thankfully they are still abundant in our region, which is why it’s so important that local foragers are harvesting respectfully. The most common advice I hear is to leave the roots/bulbs in the soil! Only harvest the leaves, ideally just 1 leaf off of each plant you see.  And thankfully, the leaves are full of that yummy ramp flavor. If you’d like to know more about respectful & sustainable harvesting in general, I highly recommend Robin Wall Kimmerer’s book : Braiding Sweetgrass.

Photo by Chris Bennett

Photo by Chris Bennett

We have teamed up with our dear friend at @zeroacresfarmwnc to get these tender leaves from a source that is respectful of the wild places and of the sacred harvest. Brad’s passion is wild foraging and he does it with great love and care for our Earth Mother. If you’d like to read about ways to propagate and encourage ramp patches, see his Facebook post.


There are a few ways to preserve a fresh wild food. There’s dehydrating it, there’s pickling it, there’s fermenting it…. but I can’t really think of a better way than to infuse its flavor, color, and medicine into GHEE. Can y’all? That’s why we’re making ramp ghee.


But here’s the catch: We can only make this limited edition ghee during the brief window that these tender wild greens are shooting up around us because our extraction method is to infuse the fresh tender leaves into the ghee - and plenty of them! The end result is that strong rampy green flavor that we all love packed into a shelf stable fat that we can use in our favorite recipes all year long.

We are launching a pre-sale TODAY to gauge interest so that we can determine how much more of this green goodness to make while ramps are still sprouting up over the next week or so. If you want some please go ahead and place your pre-order (they’ll ship next week). We are expecting this first small batch to sell out quickly, and then we will make more next week depending on interest. We will not be wholesaling these at this time since they are in limited quantities.


Nettle Ramp Pesto:

3 handfuls stinging blanched nettles (which will take out the sting;)

1/2 cup walnuts or pine nuts

1/4 cup parmesan cheese (or I like to use chickpea miso instead or in addition to)

1/2 cup olive oil

1 Tbsp Wild Ramp Ghee


Blend in a blender or food processor into smooth - and enjoy!  


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